We are a longstanding ACC Contracted Clinic

Being fully ACC contracted means North Waikato Physio are regularly accredited by HDANZ and adhere to the stringent quality controls required of a contracted practice, benefitting YOU the client. You will receive a quality, safe service guaranteed.

ACC Related information

What is ACC?

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) provides comprehensive, no-fault personal injury cover for all New Zealand residents and visitors to New Zealand. ACC will pay for the majority of your treatment costs at North Waikato Physio after an injury or accident . An accident must be a personal injury or incident, and you must be able to remember when the accident happened. ACC will cover most work injuries, accidents at home and also sporting injuries.  You can read more about exactly what ACC covers here. We will give you ACC forms to fill out when you come for your first visit. We can also refer you for an x-ray or ultrasound examination if needed.

What if I don’t have ACC?

Our clinic provide treatments for many different types of pain of injuries; not only those that are covered by ACC, but also in circumstances where the client pays for their own visit. Sometimes people have private medical insurance or private employer insurance (through a work-related injury). We are happy to treat your injury regardless of whether you are paying for the treatment yourself, your insurance company is paying for your treatment, or you are covered through work insurance.

Please also note that there may be additional charges for materials such as tape, bandages & slings, rehabilitation equipment and loan items.

What does it mean to be “Accredited”?

North Waikato Physio has undergone quality management audits. This means all the clinics have attained quality and management standards as set by allied health sector standards (completed by HDANZ). Successful completion of accreditation means we are an ACC contracted physio clinic.

Is the cost of physiotherapy covered by ACC?

Only if the condition was caused by an accident (in most cases this is specific to a particular incident)

Does ACC cover the complete cost of treatment, or will I be required to pay a surcharge?

Currently ACC covers the majority of the treatment cost. Your initial appointment will incur a cost of $10 and any follow up appointment is fully ACC funded ($10 surcharge in Te Kauwhata). There may also be charges for rehabilitation equipment, strapping, acupuncture and any other consumables your physio may use. Your physiotherapist will discuss any potential costs prior to any charges being applied.

How many treatments will ACC cover?

ACC has a set number of treatments per injury/condition; the physiotherapist may make a request to ACC to apply for additional treatments where indicated, if ACC approves further treatments physiotherapy may continue until the condition is resolved or the allocated number of additional treatments is used.

For more information visit www.acc.govt.nz